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I'm a coach, speaker, author, and spoken word artist but also a wife, mother and communicator on this journey of faith right alongside you. I like to use my gifts of writing, speaking, encouraging and teaching to edify others along their journey. My favorite mode of communicating truth is through the art of spoken word poetry but I'm down to share however!  I create resources to help you grow in faith, find your voice and activate your purpose

hey guys i'm mariela rosario

After having a radical encounter with God in 2015, I have dedicated my life to the work of the ministry. Early on in life, I realized that I had a love for encouraging people to be the best version of themselves which has fueled my passion to see people walking in their God-given purpose.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Ministries and founded She Speaks Fire in 2018. I speak at conferences and various church events with the hope to make Jesus known and activate the people of God in living a purposeful life through my words and now, my very first book. 

i believe we're all called to use our voice and speak fire

05. we glorify god around here

04. i will help you level all the way up

03. there is room for your weakness

02. the word of god is truth. period 

01. i'm always keepin it 100

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— angela, founder of she.is

"The atmosphere completely shifted as she allowed the Holy Spirit to use her and resonate in the hearts of every woman "

— amanda gracia, rock church

"Mariela’s passionate voice bridges listener’s to God’s love. Her authenticity is felt with every word."

— amber c.

"She has such passion and inspiration through her spoken word.Her empowering words were so moving and spoken with much conviction and authority."

— felicia m.

"Her God given talent combined with God’s truth and living breath opens the floodgates of heaven.
Setting captives free by teaching us and reminding us of the truth!"

Grab your 13 page guide and renew your mind to the truth of God's word through biblical affirmations. Learn to see yourself the way God does so you can live an empowered life and activate your God-given purpose.

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