she speaks fire (the book)

break free from shame and activate your voice for god

by mariela rosario

break free from shame and live out your god-given purpose

In this transformative book Mariela draws on the biblical story of the garden of Eden to explore eight lessons about shame that will nourish us and lead us to live authentically, powerfully, and freely. As Mariela shows us how we can return to sweet communion with God and ourselves and live in community with others, she helps us see

- Why the seed of shame might be holding us back from God’s call,
- What it looks like to let go of the need for others’ approval,
- Who our real enemy is and why he will never win, and
- How to bravely own our stories so we can help others find freedom too.

— brittany maher, founder of her true worth and best selling author

"With profound biblical teaching and a riveting personal testimony, Mariela’s words have the power to fan the embers of your faith, drawing you irresistibly closer to the Father’s heart.

— Natalie Runion
Best Selling Author and Founder of Raised to Stay

"This book is an invitation to healing and freedom to throw off shame, guilt, and condemnation and walk towards a Father who makes an Eden out of our wilderness."

— Toni Collier, Speaker, Podcast Host, & Author of Brave Enough to be Broken

"These words are holy weapons that will equip us to go to battle and win. Lean in gals."

— Faith Eury Cho

"Mariela Rosario’s words hold pure and raw power. They are poetic, instructive, and wise. It is because they come from the sacred places of wrestling with God. She has authority to speak into this because she has lived it. !"

— Brittni De La Mora, author, speaker, and cofounder of

"She's transparent with her struggles and empathetic in her approach to help you overcome yours. She Speaks Fire is full of biblical revelation that'll set your soul on fire."

— Ashley Morgan Jackson, Best Selling Author, Speaker &
Writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries

"Through her story of surrender in She Speaks Fire, Mariela will encourage you to step forward into all God has prepared for you and remind you that what we’ve been through is not who you are."

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You know you're called for something more and that there's purpose in your story. But feelings of shame can feel so overwhelming that it’s hard to know where to start or how to move forward. That's why I wrote this book.

I've been where you are. I let shame and fear hold me back from living out the call on my life- to use my story and voice for God's glory. She Speaks Fire will point to Biblical concepts to give you the encouragement you need to take that first step—and every step after— to break free from shame and  live a life on fire for God.

i believe we're all called to use our voice and speak fire


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